Industrial shredders single shaft

Industrial primary shredder Stokkermill “Single-Shaft Shredder” range

Industrial shredders are designed and manufactured by Stokkermill in various models depending on the application and customer needs. To find the right solution,we’d like to introduce the technical specifications of our range of industrial shredders. Industrial Single-shaft shredder, the classifier screens are available in different sizes, allow to obtain the required size at the first step and optimize the production parameters according to the material to be treated. The hydraulic pusher pushes the input materials against the rotor. There is a reversal and an unlocking system in case of excessive loading due to operator error.  Stokkermill Industirial single-shaft shredders are suitable for various kinds of application :

-size reduction of bulky waste

-electric wires and cables shredding

-non-ferrous scrap metal shedding

-scrap metal  shredding

-PCB shredding / E-scrap shredding

-WEEE shredding

-aluminium scrap shredding

-ASR recycling shredding/car fluff recycling shredding

-Electric transformer shredding

-Electric motor shredding

-Starter&alternator shredding 

-MSU shredding

-Tyre shredding

-Plastic scrap shredding

-Industrial scrap shredding 

-Scrap wood shredding 

-Waste paper shredder

 Our rage of industrial shredder

Industrial Primary Shredder PS series :

Industrial single-shaft shredder PS series is suitable for the size reduction of non-ferrous materials and the production rate is up to 800kg/h. We use high-grade components such as Rossi gearbox and Siemens motors.


Industrial Primary Shredder CSR series :

Industrial single-shaft shredder CSR series is equipped with a classifier screen and ideal for the volumetric reduction of tenacious materials. The production rate is up to 3t/h with hydraulic pusher. Industrial shredder CSR can be driven by electric or hydraulic power units. 


Industrial Primary Shredder C series :

Industrial hydraulic single-shaft shredder C series is suitable for the volumetric reduction of the large amounts of waste. The production rate starts from 2t/h. Industrial shredder C series is equipped with a classifier screen and hydraulic transmission Linde. 


Industrial Primary Shredder Shredder MFS series :

Industrial shredder MFS with high-rotating speed is equipped with a classifier screen. Industrial shredder MFS can be used as a primary shredder or as a shredder of refining step. MFS is a robust and heavy-duty industrial shredder with electric transmission and large dimension of the flywheel. 

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