Biomass reprocessing

Biomass processing and recycling with utmost profitability

Stokkermill designs tecnologies forreprocess round timber, various wood waste, Agricultural residues such as straw, seed, animal bedding and manure into fuel for biogasplants or biomass power plants. Machines for who supply pellets made frommaterials such as sawdust and need continuously processing large volumes ofmaterial with a consistent material quality. Stokkermill focus on optimal output quality,low energy consumption and continuous availability. The advantage is tooptimise the profitability of your entire reprocessing line and thereforeincrease your competitiveness.

Tags: round wood, used timber, wood chips, straw bales,animal litter, grasses, maize,renewable energy,biomass,biogas plants,biomass power plants

Machines: Single-shaft C, Fastshredder, Twin shaft, Four shaft, Multi crusher