Plastic shredding

Plastics shredding and plastic materials recycling is divided between post-consumption plastics and industrial plastics

Plastic shredding plastic waste has been considered a primary issue in the recycling industry due to the growing of plastics waste. It starts with shredding for size reduction. We are specialized in industrial shredders and can offer and develop solutions for your needs. Plastic shredding Stokkermill is focusing on performance, quality, and reliability using the latest technologies. The goal of the recycling of the plastics that have to be transformed, through phases of sorting, washing, shredding, and granulation to obtain size-controlled granules and homogeneous materials without polluting elements, to be used in extrusion processes. Plastic shredding plants Stokkermill can handle a variety of plastics like bulky wastes come from automotive plastics such as bumpers,dashboards, and tanks. Other production waste such as PET bottles, textile fibers, film, insulation, plastic decking, carpet, containers and crates.

Plastic shredding Stokkermill develops solutions for treating all types of plastic as follows:

  • recycling of bumpers, tanks, dashboards and automotive industry plastics
  • recycling of irrigation pipes, containers, barrels and plastic bins in general
  • processing waste and scraps such as blocks and risers
  • food industry plastics
  • industrial or agricultural films
  • recycling of PET and PE containers for the industry and food industry
  • polypropylene raffia such as big bags
  • Various types of container
  • coupled plastic materials
  • carpets


Equipment for plastic recycling : 

Industrial Twin-shaft shredder for plastic recycling shredding :

Industrial Double-shaft shredder for size reduction of plastic waste :

Industrial plastic primary shredder for size reduction of plastic waste :

Plastic recycling refining plants :

Densimetric separation table as sorting system of plastic recycling :

Shaker table as sorting system :

Vibrating sieve as sorting system of plastic waste :

Electrostatic separator as sorting system of plastic recycling :