IARC 2020 in Geneva

We are going to participate in IARC 2020 in Geneva,Switzerland.

IARC ( International Automobile Recycling Congress ) is the international platform for discussing the latest developments and challenges in automobile recycling.


When you think about automobile, there are so many things to recycling such as electric motors, alternators, meatball, wire harness. Also the waste coming from shredding process of end of life vehicle such as ASR and car fluff.

Nowadays, the car manufactures and recyclers seriously need to think about the circular economy.

The circular economy only brings benefits to all of us, therefore it is extremely important to have updated new technologies for automobile recycling systems.


Stokkermill has various solutions for the automobile recycling systems.

For example, we have the electric motors recycling plants for electricmotors, alternators and meatball.

Reducing incoming materials with Stokkermill’s hammer mill then separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials.


We look forward to sharing with you our latest technologies for automobile recycling at IARC in Geneva!